Beth Simcha is a Messianic Jewish congregation founded on Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) who, according to the Hebrew Scriptures, died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day. We worship the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in a style reflective of first century synagogues where followers of Mashiach Yeshua from both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds assembled in unity. Our worship and observance seek to fulfill Yeshua’s words for true worshippers, blending together the Tanakh Gospels and Epistles (the Word of G-D) and The Ruach Hakodesh (truth and spirit). We rely on the Holy Scriptures as our source of truth and on the Holy Spirit for power, gifts, and direction in our lives.

Messianic Judaism focuses upon the Mashiach (Messiah) of Yisrael (Israel). The Mashiach is the central tenet of the Pentateuch (The first five books of Scripture). The Torah contains at least 75 passages which mention or are related to the Messiah. The Writings and the Prophets contain at least 243 passages on the Mashiach. The Messiah is clearly the central focus of Scripture. Therefore the Mashiach is at the center of the Messianic believer’s life. Yeshua (Jesus) was himself a Jew, raised in a Jewish home, of the lineage of King David. All of the Apostles and His first followers were Jewish, and all of the writers of what is known as the New Testament were probably Jewish. When Gentiles, who not of the “G-d Fearers” began to come into the faith, the believers determined not to impose observance of laws which they could have neither known or understood. They recognized that the understanding would come as they fellowshipped and worshipped together. Since 1967, by the grace of G-D, the number of Jew’s and non-Jews (Gentiles) joining with this remnant has exploded into what has come to be known as the Messianic Jewish movement.



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