Beth Simcha Membership Covenant


  1. Must be an active Born again believer as defined by the Holy Scriptures and understood by the (Rabbi or Leadership) of Beth Simcha.
  2. Must be in agreement with the Beth Simcha written “Messianic Jewish Congregation”basic document. (1)
  3. Support the congregation in tithes and offerings as defined by (1).
  4. Support the congregation by Shabbat and Holy Day services, and scheduled congregational events attendance and participation, as much as possible.
  5. Support the congregation by Bible study, and home group attendance and participation as much as possible.
  6. Support the congregation by volunteer service as needed and defined by the leadership, in a mutually agreeable format.
  7. Support the congregation by leadership directed use of your Spiritual and G-d given natural gifting.
  8. When necessary, to submit to congregational direction and discipline as administered by the leadership of Beth Simcha. Leadership in this case is defined as the Rabbi or his designated representative.
  9. It is vital to remember, that the Bible reveals G-d’s sentiment on this issue. Once a covenant is voluntarily entered into, it is a serious infraction of G-d’s mitzvah to seek a unilaterally abrogation. Therefore, one is not to break this covenant without first seeking the LORD’s direction, with confirmation from another objective believer. Every reasonable and honest attempt should be made to secure the blessing of Beth Simcha’s Rabbi before dissolution of this covenant. The unity of the Mishpocha is always a crucial objective.
  10. Attempt to resolve all internal differences with Messiah’s love according to the (Rabbi’s/Leadership) understanding of Mt. 18:15-20.