Dance Leader

Wendy Poole Mercer

IMG_2538Wendy Poole Mercer was born and raised in Wilmington, N.C. and is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.  She loves to praise Adonai thru dance and this love drew her to the Messianic movement in 2006.  From childhood Wendy became a believer and took dance lessons.  These two passions blended perfectly to fulfill her calling as Dance Leader at Beth Simcha.  Wendy is a choreographer and instructor and leads the congregation in dances each Shabbat and during the Feast Days.  Together with her husband Sport, they have 4 grown children.  Sport and Wendy pray every day to be used in ministry.  They desire to fulfill the Great Commission and to also teach people how to praise Him in the dance (Psalms 149 & 150).  Adonai has blessed them with Kumi Ori “Arise & Shine” Ministries to evangelize and teach Hebraic dance.  For information, email us at:




Davidic dance is worshiping the L-rd though Israeli folk type dances. Dances during our service is led by our Dance Leader Wendy.  Like most Israeli dances ours are performed in a circle with the more experienced dancers in a smaller center circle.

Psalms, 149, 2 – 3: 2 Let Israel celebrate its maker; let Zion’s children rejoice in their king! 3 Let them praise G-d’s name with dance; let them sing G-d’s praise with the drum and lyre!





                                                  DANCE TEAM



Top: Kenny Densmore, Sharai Huestis, Wendy Mercer, Adia Coleman

Bottom: Clarissa Densmore, Sarah Seebeck, Karen Schilsky, Victoria Moretz (not pictured)