Here are a few books which can help you to better understand Messianic Judaism and the Scriptures


1. Our hands are stained in blood- By Michael L. Brown
2. What the Rabbi’s know about the Messiah- By Rachmiel Frydland
3. Voices in Messianic Judaism- By Dan Cohn-Sherbok General Editor
4. Messianic Judaism- By Dan Cohn-Sherbok
5. Understanding the difficult words of Jesus- By David Bivin Roy Blizzard, Jr.
6. From Sabbath to Sunday- By Samuele Bacchiocchi
7. Drinking at the Sources- By Jacques Doukhan 
8. Jesus- By David Flusser
9. Jesus the Pharisee- By Harvey Falk
10. One People, Many Tribes- By Daniel C Juster
11. In the Shadow of the Temple- By Oskar Skarsaune 
12. To The Ends of the Earth- By Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif 
13. Return of the Kosher Pig- By Rabbi Itzhak Shapira
14. Dancing for Joy- By Murray Silberling